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How it works!

"fashion made to order" as a subtitle on my website. But, what does it actually mean?

The easiest explanation would be: you order, I get a notification about your order and I start producing your order. 

So basically, a literal made to order brand.

There are multiple reasons, why I decided to start a "made to order" brand. First of all, I am a One Woman Show - I work completely alone. This makes me independent and I can decide, check, send out everything on my own. I stay in control and ensure that everything leaving my house is of the highest quality I can produce. 

Apart from that, I am a small brand. I don't have the budget to buy a lot of stock in different sizes - I also don't have a storage or something. I just have fabric which is being made into garments. So basically, I have fabric, no matter the size you order, that is enough for number x garments. That's why it's also super important and it's your responsibility that you check the size chart and make sure the size you order fits you. Because I am a made to order brand, I cannot accept returns or exchanges. Once my fabric is used for something, well it's ... gone. 

All of that takes time. As just mentioned, I don't have the option to just go into my storage, pick whatever you ordered out of a shelf and send it out. I produce just for you, for your order from the time you put in your order. And it is also very hard to give you an exact production time as I do not know, how many order I will get, how long the queue will be and so on. 

But nevertheless, I still want to be transparent and tell you, when it's your turn. That's why I will inform you via E-Mail, when I start with producing your oder. I then give myself 14 days time to complete your order and also send out a notification when it's time for shipment. If there are any delays or complications, I will also contact you (Production time highly depends on the number of pieces you ordered).

That's why I ask you for patience. I am human and not a machine, everything takes time. We are incredibly spoiled in today's time with fast fashion and next day delivery, etc. I can't do that. It is important to me to understand, how much time goes into a piece. I want you to be able to appreciate your order.

I ask for your understanding.

My jewelry is partially in stock, some has to be ordered. The same, previously explained, principle applies here as well. I will communicate transparently and notify you once your order is ready to be shipped. 

Have fun shopping!


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